Nia Calloway


Rules, Restriction, & Recovery: When Veganism Isn’t The (First) Answer

“Perhaps my illness primed me to listen to my body better and make my health and wellness a top priority. Veganism is about lessening suffering and bettering my mental and physical health.


Veganism isn’t my safety net from eating cheese, meats, or other animal products that I once placed fear upon, veganism is a spiritual journey. Veganism encouraged my journey toward true empathy and compassion. “

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Black and Vegan: When Taking Control of Your Health Infringes on Racial Performativity

"How does a Black girl from Texas suddenly decide that she wants no more meat in her diet? No more beef, no more burgers, no more hot dogs, no more chicken tenders, and indeed no more fried chicken. (Everyone likes fried chicken, alright?) How does a Black Texan give all of that up without a fight? The fleeting ecstasy that my taste buds experienced at every barbeque or TexMex meal could not accommodate for my deep sense of guilt."

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